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HSHS St. Anthony’s Nursing Colleagues Shine Bright!

In the last several years, the best and brightest of Lake Land 
College’s Nursing Program have chosen St. Anthony’s as their place of employment!  Every year, the Nursing Program at Lake Land College name winners of various awards at their nursing graduation ceremony.  Over the last number of years, the winners of these awards have been St. Anthony’s colleagues!
Peer Nursing Awards
These students are chosen because of their clinical and scholastic performance, willingness to help other students, professionalism, maturity and spirit. The award is characterized by a true team player, who also is considered a leader. The recipients of this award were chosen by fellow nursing students.
  • 2015 Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Peer Award Winner: Constance Rickey.
  • 2017 ADN Peer Award Winner: Jeremiah Roberts
Marilyn Fuqua Thompson Nursing Award
Marilyn Fuqua Thompson Nursing Award is given each year to a graduating student who is considered to be the all-around best student in the class and is voted on by faculty. The student must be professionally superior and morally responsible, be capable of making wise decisions, be compassionate and caring, be dedicated and possess common sense and a strong scientific knowledge base, demonstrate superior technical skills, and possess superior communication skills and composure, often in crisis situations.2015 Winner: Tiffany Beccue (when graduating from the Practical Nursing program; just graduated from this year’s ADN program).
  • 2016 Winner: Charley Bailey
  • 2017 Winner: Brennan Debenham
This goes to show that everyone recognizes how exceptional HSHS St. Anthony’s colleagues are! Congratulations to all the past and current winners of these awards – we couldn’t be prouder to have you on our team!

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