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St. Anthony’s is proud to offer a full range of services that focus on women and children. St. Anthony’s recognizes the many stages of a woman’s life and is committed to providing excellent health care throughout those stages.

Education is a key ingredient in preparing for the birth of your baby. St. Anthony’s offers a complete series of informative classes on childbirth and parenting. These classes are offered FREE to all expectant mothers in the region, even if you are not having your baby at St. Anthony’s.

Check out our Classes & Events for upcoming classes.

St. Anthony’s Maternity Services offers a comfortable and relaxed setting for the birth of your baby. Our labor and delivery rooms offer the most comfort, privacy, and safety possible to our new mothers and their newborns. And after a short recovery time, you are moved to a private room with a private bathroom and a sit-down shower. Our private rooms give you a quiet place for your family to enjoy the celebration of your newborn’s arrival.

After you go home with your newborn, we continue your care with our Mother/Baby Program. This program offers a complimentary extension of your stay with a visiting nurse who comes to your home to answer all of your questions and help alleviate concerns.

HSHS St. Anthony’s Women’s Wellness Center combines the security of exceptional care with the comfort of caring individuals. We provide care to women from prevention, screening, and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care in a consistent, compassionate and timely manner.


Compassionate care for screening, diagnosis, treatment and beyond