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St. Anthony's Diagnostic Centers and Health Centers

St. Anthony's Diagnostic Centers and Health Centers are dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic care and services to patients in our immediate and surrounding areas. We strive to make your diagnostic visit pleasant and convenient.

We currently have centers in Altamont, Newton, Neoga, Teutopolis, and Effingham. The centers are equipped with the same advanced technology currently used at St. Anthony’s and each center is staffed with highly skilled technologists to serve your needs.

We provide a variety of services at each facility to meet the needs of our patients. Our centers are open to all patients and provide quality diagnostic services right in your own community.


Services Provided:

Diagnostic Centers can offer:
Open MRI
Laboratory Testing
Bone Density
Point of Care Testing

Health Centers can offer:
Physical Therapy
Nutritional Services


To Schedule:

TEL: 217-347-1540
TOLL FREE: 800-900-1540



St. Anthony’s Health Center
900 West Temple Avenue, Building B
Effingham, Illinois 62401
TEL: 217-347-1690

St. Anthony's Diagnostic Center - Altamont
3 Do It Drive
Altamont, Illinois 62411
TEL: 618-483-5161

St. Anthony's Health Center - Altamont
Partnering with Opilka Family Wellness Center
5 East Cumberland Road
Altamont, Illinois 62411
TEL: 217-540-2345

St. Anthony’s Diagnostic Center – Newton
601 West Washington Street
Newton, Illinois 62448
TEL: 618-783-5707

St. Anthony's Diagnostic Center - Neoga | TEMPORARILY CLOSED
223 East Sixth Street
Neoga, Illinois 62447
TEL: 217-895-2051

St. Anthony's Diagnostic Center - Teutopolis
206 North Pearl
Teutopolis, Illinois 62467
TEL: 217-857-6146