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Women and Children’s Care Nurse Sandy Kreke cares for families by meeting their needs

For over 37 years, Sandy Kreke has helped bring new life into the world through her role as an OB nurse. She has touched many lives, but recently, she went above and beyond to help a family outside her normal duties of delivery and post-partum care.

Sandy was nominated for a colleague STAR award because of the compassion and respect she demonstrated to a family in need, with the assistance of her caring co-workers.   The nomination read, “Sandy was caring for a family and upon their discharge it was found the family did not have a car seat for the infant to go home in.  Sandy called many places around town to find a place that offered donations of car seats for the family as they did not have the funds. She realized there was no place in town that made it available for the family to have a car seat donated, so she went to Walmart and purchased a car seat for the family.  Several of her colleagues also pitched in to help with the funds.”

When asked about what she finds most fulfilling about serving at St. Anthony’s, Sandy shared, “It is the care and knowledge I get to share with the Moms during the labor and delivery and post-partum period. I probably love helping the Moms with the breastfeeding the most. It fills my heart with pure joy when we finally get that baby to latch on and nurse successfully for a Mom who has been struggling with the feedings,” she explained.  “I love being an OB nurse.”

This is just one example of the many ways Sandy makes a difference in people’s lives through Respect, Care, Competence and Joy.  Thank you, Sandy, for living out the Core Values each and every day!


Home Care Nurse Beth Longwell goes above and beyond in her care for patients and their families

While nurses are called upon each day to care for the health and well-being of patients, it is not every day that a nurse goes above and beyond to assist the patient’s family member in distress. But that is exactly what Beth Longwell did with the deep gratitude of that patient and her mother.

Beth was nominated for a colleague STAR award because of her actions and compassion demonstrated during an occurrence while caring for one of her Home Care patients.  The thank you letter from the patient read: “…I also want to highlight one [home health] nurse in particular, Beth Longwell. She has a wonderful attitude, is very attentive to my needs and always goes above and beyond her dally duties when visiting my home. You can tell that she cares deeply for all of her patients and for this, I cannot thank her enough.

“One evening In particular highlights what I mean when I say that Beth goes above and beyond. Beth was in my home taking care of me when suddenly, my mother, who also lives with me, started having some problems breathing and we knew she needed to so to the hospital. Beth stayed with us and helped get her ready, plus she kept checking her blood pressure and oxygen levels. She was wonderful with my mother and I was so glad that she was here with us that evening. I thanked her for staying because she did not have to but she said there was no way she would have left us with everything that was happening with my mother. Beth even took the time to call the next day and asked how my mother was doing and that meant so much to me. I wanted to send a note so that you know how thankful I am to have Beth as my Home Health Nurse. She is a wonderful nurse and St. Anthony's should be proud of her work. It is my hope that she is recognized for her outstanding work. She definitely deserves any recognition you can provide.”

Beth is an example of how one person can make a difference in someone’s life through Respect, Care, Competence and Joy.  Thank you, Beth, for living out the Core Values each and every day!


Respiratory Therapist Andy Habing spreads joy and lifts spirits of someone in need

As busy as life can be, it takes a special person to notice when someone is in need of encouragement.  Andy Habing was able to do that for a young mother who needed a little bit of joy in her life, and was named one of our Annual I Promise award winners for his caring actions.
His nomination read, “We had a young teenage mother on Pediatrics. Her baby had been a patient for a long time. This mother had had several unfortunate things happen to her while her baby was hospitalized. She had not had many visitors. Andy noted she seemed sad and tearful when he was caring for her baby. He discussed it with me. He had me ask what kind of pizza she liked. He purchased her a Little Caesars Pizza and brought her some pop (teenager food). She had the biggest smile and her eyes lit up when I brought it to her. She was very grateful. Andy always goes above and beyond whenever he cares for his patients.”
Andy demonstrated that it doesn’t take much to bring joy to someone’s day.  Thank you, Andy, for living out your Promise every day!

Medical Sonographer Holly Jansen helps team transition smoothly to new system

Changing computer systems can be a daunting and sometime frustrating task.  But sonographer Holly Jansen took it upon herself to help her team transition to a new reporting system as smoothly as possible.

Holly was nominated for a colleague STAR award for leading the implementation of a new ultrasound reporting system.   Her nomination read, “Holly is an awesome colleague to work with. She is an excellent technologist and does what is best for the patient and her fellow colleagues. [With implementation of this new system], she has had to coordinate between [the system’s] representatives, the ultrasound applications specialists, the radiologists and ultrasound technologists. She has handled the many questions, confusion and issues very well and always cheerfully….She keeps us updated on all the changes and tries to make it all as easy as she can. This is in addition to her regular duties as a technologist at the clinic. She is pleasant to work with and always does her best.  I think she represents all the Core Values of St. Anthony’s.”

Holly demonstrated that transitions don’t need to be difficult when led with a positive attitude and attention to detail.   Thank you, Holly, for living out our Core Values every day!


Respiratory Therapist Erin Hennings demonstrates care with a special touch

Erin Hennings is respected for her skills in Respiratory Therapy.  But she was nominated and received a colleague STAR Award for demonstrating her caring heart with the daughter of a patient.

The nomination for Erin read, “We had a patient that was here for testing who had to wait for a physician [who was delayed in another procedure that had complications].  The patient’s daughter (an adult with Down’s Syndrome) waited patiently in the waiting room.  Erin took it upon herself to take her to the cafeteria and buy her lunch (with her mother’s permission).”

Erin went out of her way to make this patient’s daughter feel extra special – just one way that Erin lives out our Core Values through her work at St. Anthony’s.  Thank you, Erin!


Imaging Secretary Ann Crowley lives out the Mission with all those she encounters

In Ann Crowley’s position in Imaging, she interacts with a variety of people – some having routine tests and some facing scary diagnosis.  But regardless of who she encounters, Ann always demonstrates joy and respect to those she meets, leading to many compliments from patients.

One example of the many compliments received about her from patients was a letter from a patient whose compliments about her included the following:

“I would like to take the opportunity to compliment Ann Crowley….Since I have had to use the service of the MRI/XRAY department where Ms. Crowley works, she has always exhibited courtesy and respect when coming to use this service.  She is polite, helpful and willing to assist you the best way possible.  She truly meets the hospital’s mission in respect, courtesy, and excellence.  Thank you for having such a dedicated employee who goes above and beyond in working with people.”

Thank you, Ann, for living out the Mission and demonstrating our Core Values to all you meet!


 Administrative Assistant Tabitha Bailey goes out of her way to help a patient’s family

Many times, it may seem that only those who care for patients directly can positively affect their experience or their family members’ experience at St. Anthony’s.  But Administrative Assistant Tabitha Bailey positively affected a patient’s wife visit to St. Anthony’s when she when out of her way to help her in her need.

Tabitha encountered a patient's elderly wife, who was lost. She was trying to find an ATM, and Tabitha offered to take her there. While they were walking the hallway, from the Lobby to the ATM location, they chatted and Tabitha discovered many things about her – she had little money, hadn't eaten, was from out of town, had no family with her, was worried about her husband who came in for tests and ended up staying for a procedure, as well as other concerns. Tabitha quietly and efficiently helped her to the ATM, found someone to take her back, made sure she had money and food, and chatted with the woman, calming her down. They parted ways, but she was not off of Tabitha’s mind.  On an afternoon trip from her office to the main hospital building, she met the woman again who was trying to use the pay phone and having issues. Tabitha assisted her with the pay phone after looking at the woman's cell phone and determining the battery was dead.  Since the woman didn’t have her charger along, Tabitha went home after work, picked up her old charger and drove back to the hospital to loan her charger to the woman so that she could charge her phone and contact family members for assistance and support. Tabitha also left her business card with the woman, offering any further assistance.

While she doesn’t think she did anything special or out of the ordinary, Tabitha shared why she felt strongly to help this woman she encountered that day. “I believe God puts people in your path every day, and we should do what we can to help them.  I believe everything happens for a reason – your just do what you can in that moment,” she explained.

Thank you, Tabitha, for sharing Respect with this woman you encountered and making a difference!


CT Technologist Rachel Hall makes each patient’s concern her concern

As a CT Technologist, Rachel Hall often times only spends around 15 minutes with each patient she encounters. So her goal for each patient is to make that patient feel as though she has no other patients waiting after them – All her attention is on them.

One patient of Rachel’s is an example of her personal attention. An outpatient came in for a routine CT scan of the chest. Rachel noticed a Pulmonary Embolism during the CT and immediately notified the Radiologist – it was a positive finding. The patient was sent to the ED, admitted and treated for this very serious life-threatening condition.  This is just example of how Rachel’s uses her tech skills to help patients, as well as always being pleasant and very dependable. She regularly goes the extra mile for her patients and her co-workers.

When asked about what she finds most fulfilling about working at St. Anthony’s, Rachel shared, “Working in CT is very rewarding every day! I feel like part of my role is to make patients feel more at ease,” she said.  “Some patients are going through a tremendous amount of pain, or learning a new scary diagnosis that they are trying to cope with.  So in this short time I am with them, I try to make them feel comfortable, and try to make them smile. I feel like if they have to come back for another test, I hope they will see me and feel at home.”

Thank you, Rachel, for making a difference in the lives of your patients and co-workers!


ER Tech Jeanne Sutter uses her skills outside the hospital to help others in need

Jeanne Sutter is involved in emergency situations through her job as an ER Technician at St. Anthony’s.  But it is not every day that she is faced with it near her home like she was in October 2014 when an incident took place at the former Shumway grade school, where a pickup truck drove through one of the walls. At the time a food pantry event was taking place that had drawn a crowd of approximately 30-40 people. When the pickup truck went through the wall, several people in attendance sustained injuries from the impact of the vehicle and flying debris. The building itself also sustained considerable damage that left the stability of the structure in question.

The commotion of the incident must have caught the attention of Jeanne, whom lives in close proximity of the school. Without hesitation, Jeanne made her way to the scene, risked her own safety to access the subjects involved, and used her medical training as she began to care for the injured. Jeanne was able to quickly triage, assess, and acquire and record vital information that was supplied to incoming emergency personnel. Due to her actions, emergency personnel were able to treat and transport the injured in a quick and orderly fashion. The ability to swiftly and efficiently treat the patients would have been hampered if it had not been for Jeanne's actions of pre-arrival care and patient information collection.

Thank you, Jeanne, for using your skills to help those in need in our community!

Home Care Nurse  Diann Louderback goes out of her way to meet patients' needs

Diann Louderback, a Home Care nurse, goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her patients, even taking it upon herself to be their transportation.

A hospital patient wanted to go home and had made the decision to begin Hospice care. However, his family was unable to pick him up. Hospice had been involved and was going to admit him that evening. When Diann found out that he was unable to go home, she offered to be his transportation. She arranged to personally transport him home and then admit him for Hospice care.  

Thanks, Diann, for taking that extra step to meet patients’ needs, demonstrating that this is more than a job….it is a mission.

Home Care Nurse Pam Bergfeld lives out her faith by meeting others needs

Pam Bergfeld, a Home Care nurse, is consider a community angel to everyone she meets.  Over and over again, she goes above and beyond to care for her patients.  She has been known to check on her patients after work and on her days off to ensure that they have all that they need.

Pam shared why she feels so strongly about her patients.  “When I see another person’s needs, I just want to do what I can to provide for those needs – that’s what caring is all about. It’s just part of me – I think people know that they can call on me day or night,” she said.  “I try to live by my favorite quote of St. Francis of Assisi – ‘Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.’ It is just God’s love shining through us when we serve others.”

Thanks, Pam, for living your faith and meeting the needs of others.  That is why we are proud that you are part of St. Anthony’s family.


Radiology Technologist Nicole Locke brings a smile to a young patient and everyone she encounters

At St. Anthony’s Convenient Care Diagnostic Center, Nicole Locke provides testing to many people facing difficult challenges in their life, but when it is young child, it can be especially trying. One of the Diagnostic Centers’ patients was a 2-year-old battling leukemia who frequently came to the center to have blood work. When Nicole and other Diagnostic Center staff found out his 3rd birthday was coming up and he was going to be in St. Louis getting chemo on his birthday, Nicole took it upon herself to go to Walmart and buy him a few things (with generous contributions from the rest of the Convenient Care staff), and got a card for the staff to sign. They then called his mother and asked her to bring him in, and gave him the present. He loved it and his mother was deeply touched that Nicole and the staff would think of him.

“No one, especially a 3-year old, should have to spend their birthday in the hospital,” Nicole said. “Being able to help others is by far the most fulfilling aspect of working here. That help can be to the patient, the patient's family and or my co-workers. There are times that they might need an ear to listen, an encouraging smile, or a big hug. I hope I am someone they can get that from,” she shared. “I want the love for my job, my patients and my co-workers to come across in my time I'm at work. I try to stay positive and spread my smile everywhere. You just never know when a smile can change someone else's day.”

Thanks, Nicole, for sharing your smile and your love with all those you encounter. It is the reason we all do what we do.

Case Manager Cindy Herd Goes Above and Beyond

As a Case Manager, Cindy Herd has a lot of responsibility to ensure that our patients’ cases are managed with the highest level of care and efficiency so they can recover and return home. She also has the additional assignment of being the lead for our Core Measure success, which are national care standards in different categories that hospitals are measured against to determine how often they provide recommended treatments known to get the best results for patients with certain medical conditions or surgical procedures.

Achieving and tracking the highest level of care expected each and every time can be a difficult process to manage, but Cindy is personally invested in the success of HSHS St. Anthony’s in this program.

“I think it is so important that we provide the best possible care to every patient, every time,” Cindy said. “The only way to accomplish this is through teamwork. That is how it is at St. Anthony’s – everyone doing their best together for the benefit of the patients.”

Nurse Sara Stone Lives the Golden Rule

Sara Stone has the utmost respect for all of her patients. The type of respect that led her to venture out into a pouring rainstorm -- twice -- when a patient left the windows of a car rolled down, to ensure that the patient's new car was safe, secure and dry on the interior. Some people would say that this type of extra effort is rare, even in the world of health care. Sara prefers to think of it as applying The Golden Rule not only to her personal life, but to her work life as well

"I tell my kids all the time -- no matter what a person looks like, whether they are rich or poor, treat every person you meet like you would treat Jesus," said Sara. "If Jesus were right in front of you, how would you treat him? That is how you should treat others." Sara is much more than just an outstanding medical professional. She is the personification of HSHS St. Anthony's dedication to treating all patients with the love, dignity and respect they deserve.


Housekeeper Regeana Compton Listens with Her Heart

As a housekeeper, Regeana Compton gets to meet many people through her day. She considers it an adventure each time she goes into a patient room to clean, because the people she meets have such stories to tell. During the time she cleans the room and patients visit with her, they frequently open and share about their life. Regeana listens to them not just with her ears, but with her heart.

In one such occasion, Regeana was cleaning a room on the Fifth Floor and the patient recognized her from seeing her in the intensive care area. They started talking and Regeana found out the patient was 95 years old and just not wanting to eat a lot. She was working over the weekend and on Sunday night, she made him some old fashioned Molasses and Oatmeal Raisin cookies, a favorite cookie he had mentioned during their conversation. After checking with his nurse on any dietary restrictions, she gave him a few and it just made his day. Regeana also suggested to the Food and Nutrition department to find out his favorite foods so they could be cooked for him to encourage him to continue eating, which put the patient on a healing path with proper nutrition and caring.

“I think it is part of my mother instinct that I like to nurture people,” Regeana said. “When I am cleaning a room, people start to visit with me and often times just open up about their lives. The way I look at it, if they are talking with me for 20 minutes as I am cleaning their room, that is 20 minutes they are not focusing on their illness or pain.” Regeana credits working at HSHS St. Anthony’s for teaching her to open up more. “We are taught to greet everyone. When you meet them, you don’t know anything about them, where they came from, what their past has been like. Working here has taught me not to judge others, because you don’t know what they have dealt with in their past or what they are going through now. I just try to open my heart to them while they are here.”

IT Client Services Specialist Matthew Bowman spreads joy and smiles

Within the fast-paced medical environment, health care professionals have to think and work fast. That being said, Matthew Bowman, a Client Services Specialist at HSHS St. Anthony’s, with a focus on computer systems, always makes sure to take time to pay attention to the important things – like bringing a healthy dose of joy to the patients and colleagues he interacts with on a daily basis. Matthew believes that every day is a gift from God, and he shares this important message with everyone around him.

“Attitude is contagious and a smile can go a long way,” said Matthew. “Computers and technology in general are ingrained in our everyday lives. Being a part of keeping things working for everyone brings a sense of accomplishment and joy, as well.” Matthew’s positive approach does not go unnoticed. In fact, his colleagues consistently recognize him for setting a joyful tone that inspires everyone at St. Anthony’s to be the best they can be every day. Thanks, Matthew, for helping to make each day a little brighter for both our patients and colleagues.