The Skilled Care Unit at St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital provides short-term skilled care nursing and services to those who require medical care, nursing care and/or rehabilitation services. Skilled Care is available to all without regard to age, race, religion, sex, color, national origin, marital status, handicap status, organizational affiliation, physical or mental impairment, or the ability to pay.

Initial Eligibility

  • Physician order
  • Medicare-eligible benefits
  • Private insurance pre-certification
  • A daily skilled service which can only be performed by a licensed professional.

Please note: Medicare does not cover custodial care (usual daily activities like walking, eating, bathing, eye drops, oxygen and taking care of colostomy or bladder catheters).

Once Admitted (to remain eligible)

  • Daily skilled service must continue.
  • Patient must participate and show progress in treatment plan.
  • Available Medicare benefits.
  • Continued private insurance certification.

Plan of Care by Your Physician
The physician will review the plan of care periodically and re-certify that there is a continuing need for service. The physician may not routinely visit you. If in the event your condition changes or your needs change, your nurse will notify your physician.

Discharge planning begins upon admission and continues until:

  • Patient has reached his/her goal in rehabilitation or is unable to progress toward goal(s).
  • Patient has improved sufficiently to care for himself/herself.
  • Families choose to assume responsibility for care.
  • Patient is hospitalized.
  • Interdisciplinary team determines care is no longer necessary.
  • Patient needs continued care, which can be provided in a nursing home or extended care facility.

Patient Responsibility
While you are receiving Skilled Care services, you will be encouraged to participate in your daily care (unless you are unable to do so). This will help you get better, function more independently and/or learn to take care of your health needs.

Facts and Information
Because Medicare financially covers up to the first 20 days of a skilled stay, you must meet the criteria as identified in the Once Admitted (to remain eligible) section to remain in the Skilled Care Unit.

St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital’s Skilled Care Unit is Medicare-certified and accredited by The Joint Commission.

Services Provided:

Under the direction of the patient’s physician, Skilled Care can provide the following for each resident:

  • Physician services
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Skilled Nursing services
  • Medication
  • Blood transfusion
  • Wound care (severe or multiple wounds)

Contact Information:

Shawna O'Dell, Post-Acute Care Manager
TEL: 217-347-1641

Location of the Service:

St. Anthony’s Skilled Care unit is located on the fourth floor. Visitors may park in the visitor parking east of the hospital on Maple Street and enter through the hospital lobby.