St. Anthony's Orthopedic Care was specially designed for patients who have joint replacement surgery. This patient care unit boasts 20 private rooms, each with its own handicapped accessible bathroom and flat screen television. As an added convenience, patients also benefit from the convenience of having physical rehabilitation services on the same floor, making it unnecessary to travel to other areas of the hospital to receive their physical therapy.

The nursing staff who serve patients on Orthopedic Care are dedicated to providing the quality and compassionate care that patients deserve. Their knowledge of caring for orthopedic patients and their ability to collaborate with physicians and other health care professionals creates a smooth recovery process for patients to transition to a skilled care facility or to their home to continue their recovery.

Patients who return home following their joint replacement surgery often continue to receive the same physical therapy from St. Anthony's Physical Rehabilitation staff that they experienced while in the hospital. St. Anthony's physical therapists work in conjunction with St. Anthony's Home Care to provide this continuum of care.

Contact Information:

Debra Murbarger, Clinical Director of Medical/Surgical Care