Center for Advanced Imaging


St. Anthony’s 64-Slice Lightspeed CT Scanner provides breakthrough innovation that combines sub-millimeter slices with less than 30 second scan times, providing a clear 3-D image of the anatomy. St. Anthony’s CT Scans enable the physician to screen for disease at an earlier stage, diagnose conditions non-invasively, and plan surgery and other treatments with greater efficiency.

The patient-friendly design accommodates patients of all sizes. With scan times of less than 30 seconds, it eliminates the need for long breath holds.

Contact Information:

Ken Repking, Diagnostic Imaging Manager
TEL: 217-347-1310

To Schedule:
TEL: 217-347-1540
TOLL FREE: 800-900-1540

Location of the Service:

CT Scans are performed through St. Anthony's Center for Advanced Imaging. Patients should enter through the patient entrance off of Mulberry Street. Parking is available off of Mulberry Street. The Registration area is through the patient entrance on the right.